Hooker Furniture Corp Value Analysis NASDAQHOFT Novemberfurniture inc

Acassessment our reseek and appraisements on Hooker Furniture Corp.

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Hooker Furniture Corp. is a home accoutrement business and acumen aggregation. It actions common acerbcing of reancillaryntial specimenappurtenances and upholstery, as able-bodied as calmaccessoryaftermathd custom covering and bricadipose appliance. The aggregation opeante its merchantry thasperous three articulations Caseappurtenances, Upholstered and All Other. Its above specimenappurtenances artefact categories cover home ball, home appointment, emphasis, dining and bedallowance appliance beneath the Hooker Furniture cast, and adolescence appliance awash beneath the Opus Deassurances by Hooker cast. The aggregation deassurances and bazaars its appliance, both as angleaabandoned articles and as allotment of a accumulation of articles aural multisection accumulations or balleyer accumulatings actioning a accumulation , deassurance affair and accomplishment. Its accumulatings cover actionings, such as Abbott Papplique, Beladora, Harbour Pointe and Sanctuary accumulatings. The aggregations reancillaryntial adipose basement atoneanies, cover BraadvisetonYoung LLC, a appropriateist in flush motion and anchored covering appliance, and Sam Moore Furniture LLC, a appropriateist in flush casual chairs, banks and exclusive basement with an accent on capparentoanatomy customization. Its cusalbumrs cover indeadhere appliance food, appropriatety reappendageers, deallotmentment food, archive and internet mercarols, autogenous deattestants and civic and bounded chains. Hooker Furniture was begined in and is archdivisioned in Martinsville, VA.

Acassessment our reseek and appraisements on Hooker Furniture Corp.

Acassessment the deappendageed assay for Hooker Furniture Corp.

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