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We represent over brands of new office furniture as well as offering preowned office furniture from manucturers such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, and others. We have the ability to manucture custom furniture systems and seating utilizing awardwinning processes and product designs at an attractive pricepoint. We believe office furniture can be fun; it doesnt have to be so serious. Very simply, we are a group of people who love what we do. Were passionate about servicing our clients. We listen to what the customer wants; we implement change quickly to meet the needs of the ever changing office landscape. Because we are nimble, quick, and dedicated, we are able to manucture custom product solutions in a timely manner.

BFG offers a wide range of professional furniture services and design support, including project management services, office space planning and layout design, and office furniture delivery and installation. We provide cost effective financing solutions for any planned office interior project, including space planning, design services, freight, delivery and installation, as well as all of your office furnishings.

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Are you tasked with furnishing a new commercial office space or are moving into creative office space? If you dont know where to begin, relax! Our experienced project managers can guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. Well also help you stay within budget and will recommend valueoriented contemporary office furniture designs. As a result, you will receive configuration options that are both stylish and modern, but that also have a look that you will be proud of and properly reflect your unique brand. All of the modern business furniture solutions offered by BFG will foster productivity and infuse your office with your companys character and culture.

Broadway Furniture Group has recently acquired Glass Office Systems, a company that provides complete office buildout solutions with prices starting at per square foot. This solution gives brokers, landlords and tenants a turn key approach for a more desirable space in less time at a lower cost.

We are primarily a projectoriented company that specializes in configuring entire commercial office spaces with modern business furniture. Many of our clients are in the process of moving into a new office space or simply want a fresh, modern look and gravitate toward our contemporary, unique furniture designs. In the past, our solutions have been used by media, technology, and entertainment companies alike, from big to small.

Broadway Furniture Group offers contemporary high quality office furniture, including office cubicles, benching, trading desks, les, seating, lounge furniture, and more.